“The Law Office of Irfan Disnizar and Associates” (IDPLAW) offers a range of services and divisions, including:

  • Corporate and Civil Division:
    • This division provides legal assistance, both litigation and non-litigation, related to business contracts, legal examinations, and legal opinions (legal due diligence) for public offerings (IPOs) and corporate actions. It covers Intellectual Property Rights, Mergers, Acquisitions, Consolidation, Liquidation, and labor issues. Additionally, it handles civil matters such as Claims or Debt Recovery, Execution of Collateral, Bankruptcy, and legal matters in both Banking and non-Banking financial sectors, Insurance, as well as issues related to real estate, property, real estate development, resorts, and industrial areas.
  • Criminal Division:
    • This division provides legal assistance and serves as legal advisors to CLIENTS in making reports and investigations with the Police, Public Prosecutor’s Office, Corruption Eradication Commission, Courts, and other law enforcement institutions.
  • State Administration and General Election Dispute Division:
    • This division offers legal assistance for testing legislation at the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, and filing disputes against government decisions through the Administrative Court. It also handles objections and lawsuits in Tax Court and other administrative objections. This division is also involved in resolving general election disputes.
  • Labor/Employment Division:
    • Providing advice to CLIENTS on various labor issues, from employees to labor unions, from new companies to multinational corporations, non-profit organizations to public sector companies, and private to publicly traded companies. This includes issues related to termination of employment, Employment Agreements, settlement of industrial relations disputes, violations related to ‘non-compete’ provisions, employment agreements, foreign labor, and all matters in accordance with Employment Law.
  • Family Law Division:
    • This division offers legal assistance to CLIENTS in the areas of marriage law, Islamic marriage law, mixed marriages between Indonesian citizens and foreigners, and issues related to prenuptial and marital property agreements. In the field of inheritance and asset inheritance rights, advice is provided to individuals and families on the legal aspects of asset inheritance and distribution.


  • Acting as Permanent Legal Counsel for CLIENTS / Retainer Lawyer
  • Serving as the Legal Manager for the company
  • Acting as an Incidental Lawyer


  • Legal fees may include lawyer fees, operational fees, and success fees. The fees are negotiated with CLIENTS, considering the scope of work, the nature and value of the work, the level of the judiciary or institution, or the parties involved in the resolution of the work entrusted by CLIENTS, as well as the CLIENT’s ability. This financing arrangement will be documented in the Client Agreement, eliminating concerns about additional costs.


  • Gunung Jati Group – Tasikmalaya
  • PT. Food Station Tjipinang Jaya (Perseroda)
  • Perumda Pembangunan Sarana Jaya PemProv DKI Jakarta
  • IBU Foundation – safe & healthy society
  • PT. Arthamigas – Fabrication, Construction, and Maintenance Services
  • Beijing Jiuzun Energy Technology Co., Ltd
  • Galuku (M) Sdn. Bhd.
  • Yayasan Bejana
  • PT. Bank Capital Indonesia
  • Perumda Dharma Jaya PemProv DKI Jakarta
  • PT. Nusantara Graha Semesta
  • PT. Feng Tay Indonesia Enterprises
  • PT. Agro Jabar (Perseroda)
  • PT. Gading Taruna Sejahtera
  • PT. PP Infrastruktur
  • And others.